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Heaven’s Foundation Jewelry

Heaven’s Foundation Jewelry was designed as a witness piece describing the new Jerusalem as written in the Bible in Revelation 21:19 . Starting in 1993 with the Original Heaven’s Foundation Bracelet made of Swarovski Crystal for the Crystal Sea, 14k gold for the Street of Gold, Freshwater Pearls for the Gates of Pearl and the twelve Foundation colors made with Swarovski Crystal. We have over the years added necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings in many colors and fun stones We want you to have an easy shopping experience with expedited shipping offers, and exceptional customer service , allowing us time to make your special order as quickly as possible.
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Julie Jones Book Store

Author, Julie Jones showcases her books on her site here. “The Plantation” was her first book, followed by “The Calling of Crows”. Both of her books are available on her web site and of course, Amazon.

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