Dramatic footage of the escalating conflict between Israel and Palestinian militants reveals the devastation being left behind — with high-rise buildings toppled to the ground and once-busy streets reduced to mere rubble.

Al Sharuk Tower, a major media hub in one of Gaza’s busiest neighborhoods, collapsed Wednesday after being hit during Israeli airstrikes — the third Gaza building downed during the conflict, video posted by the Russian news agency RT.com shows.

“Whoever shoots at us bleeds in his head,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wrote in a Twitter post of the tower’s collapse, the outlet said. “Congratulations to the IDF.”

The airstrikes are being carried out by the Israel Defense Forces, or IDF.

The building housed the offices of Hamas leaders and the group’s main TV channel.

Earlier Wednesday, the Al-Jawhara Tower was brought down, while the Hanandi Tower collapsed after an airstrike Tuesday, RT said.

Al Sharuk Tower is reduced to rubble by an Israeli airstrike.NurPhoto via Getty Images

Plumes of black smoke can be seen engulfing Gaza, with fireballs seen erupting.

Palestinians survey the damage following airstrikes by Israel.NurPhoto via Getty Images

Other footage shows Hamas missiles closing in on Tel Aviv in retaliation, with militants saying 130 rockets were fired into the city and surrounding areas Wednesday, the Sun reported.

Security forces in Israel’s second-largest city are seen scrambling to douse fires sparked by the missiles, while sirens sent residents scrambling for shelter.

Israel Defense Forces have been targeting Palestinian buildings that house Hamas leaders with airstrikes.Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

The footage also shows the aftermath of the fighting, with rows of buildings destroyed and cars buried in rubble in the worst conflict in Gaza since 2014.

Officials said at least 53 Palestinians have died — including 14 children — and six Israelis have been killed since the fighting erupted three days ago.

The UN has warned that the escalating violence could erupt into full-fledged war.

Rows of buildings have been destroyed and cars buried in rubble during the conflict.Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

World leaders, including in the US, Britain and the European Union, have also called for a de-escalation of the fighting.

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