The lovesick British Romeo who rode a jet ski across the Irish Sea to be with a new gal pal has reportedly broken up with the woman – who has been slapped with assault charges in the Isle of Man.

Dale McLaughlan, a foolhardy Scotsman who doesn’t know how to swim, risked his life when he spent four and a half hours on his jet in his madcap dash to see Jessica Radcliffe on the island between England and Ireland.

The hopeless romantic roofer from Irvine, North Ayrshire, ended up being thrown in jail for breaking coronavirus lockdown rules by entering the island without permission.

His brush with the law didn’t faze Radcliffe, who has said she’d marry him if he popped the question.

Dale McLaughlan (r) took a jetski across the Irish sea to go see his girlfriend Jessica Radcliffe (l) during lockdown.Facebook

“I love Dale. How could I not after what he did?” the mother-of-two gushed when he was released. “I would do it all over again.”

But their relationship now appears to be sunk, the UK’s Mirror reported.

Dale McLaughlan has been hit with assault charges in the Isle of Man.Dave Kneale/IOM Today / SWNS

Last week, Radcliffe made a virtual appearance in a court in her hometown of Douglas to face charges of actual bodily harm and causing criminal damage in connection with an attack on another women on the island, the news outlet reported.

Radcliffe also has been accused of violating lockdown rules herself, according to the report.

Jessica Radcliffe said she would marry her her jet-skiing boyfriend Dale McLaughlan, but the pair have since broken up.Facebook

McLaughlan was released early in time for Christmas but was still unable to meet Radcliffe for the holiday due to the same coronavirus restrictions that landed him in the slammer in the first place.

He has admitted he felt like a “crappy James Bond” during his death-defying mission “for love.”

Dale McLaughlan said he felt like a “crappy James Bond” after his jet ski stun.Facebook

“The first time I’d even stood on a jet ski was in that harbor,” McLaughlan told the Sunday Mirror in January. “As soon as I hit open water I thought ‘Oh my God.’ It was like getting a kick in the teeth.”

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