New Symptoms Of Corona Virus, Symptoms of Covid-19 appear to fall into six different groupings, researchers have revealed, in work they say could help to predict whether a patient will end up needing a ventilator or other breathing support.
The six clusters are:
Cluster 1: Mainly upper respiratory tract symptoms, such as a persistent cough, with muscle pain also present.
Cluster 2: Mainly upper respiratory tract symptoms, but also a greater frequency of skipped meals and fever.
Cluster 3: Gastrointestinal symptoms such as diarrhoea, but few other symptomsCluster 4: Early signs of severe fatigue, continuous chest pain and cough.
Cluster 5: Confusion, skipped meals and severe fatigue.
Cluster 6: Marked respiratory distress including early onset of breathlessness and chest pain, as well as confusion, fatigue and gastrointestinal symptoms.

ఈ నలుగురు కేసీఆర్ వారియర్స్

కరోనా ఖతానికి హోమం

నాకు కరోనా వస్తే గాంధీ లోనే చేరుతా

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