‘Emmerdale’ star Dominic Brunt on ‘horrific’ life-threat3ning condition – symptoms
Dominic brunt is best known for playing paddy kirk in the popular soap emmerdale the star has appeared in the soap for 24 years being nominated for numerous awards over this period however it was in dominic’s personal life where he faced his greatest challenge the star who has been a part of some gripping storylines in the itv soap went through agony when offscreen his eight-month-old son had to undergo open-heart surgery facing every parent’s worst nightmare dominick and his wife joanne were told by medical professionals that son dany might not make it through the complex operation to make matters worse the pair had to decide in a matter of moments whether they would want to donate his organs if the worst happened recalling the tough time to the mirror dominic said at the time it was horrific you’re in the eye of the storm it was horrible you think you were going to lose your son we had only just got to know him he was eight months old and we thought that was it that was the worst bit when they gave him the pre-meds and the gas and air and they took him out of the room and you just thought that was goodbye we discussed organ donation it was brought up by a nurse because there was a mortality rate with the operation we had to discuss it but even before that we’d all agreed to be donors in the family my sisters and nurses so it was how we were brought up the anxious wait to see if little dany would pull through was understandably one of the worst experiences of the actor’s life but thankfully the little lad pulled through now 11 years old dominic described him as healthier than me or you and absolutely football mad the actor said he is fine now he is healthier than me or you absolutely rocking it is incredible what they can do he has got a massive scar we used to tell him he had a fight with a shark so he got a shock when we told him he’d had a heart operation in light of his own family’s tragedy dominic was able to deliver a stunning performance when character paddy and on-stage partner chaz dingle lucy parjita faced some distressing news about their unborn child in a storyline a few years back paddy and chaz learned that their baby had a defect known as bilateral renal genesis which means her lungs and kidneys won’t develop properly and she will not be able to live past birth within the story the couple were asked if they wanted to donate their baby’s organs in order to give another child a chance of life similar to what dominic was asked about dany reflecting on filming the emotional scenes dominic said we’ve met parents who have gone through it first of all it’s because they were parents of a certain age and then with the complication that’s come up it’s working out all the facets and angles of this the sobering storyline surely makes the actor even more grateful that his son was

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