Former Secretary Of State Mike Pompeo: Well, it's going to be difficult because the Chinese Communist Party doesn't want us to know what happened there. They began to kind of cover up, at least by early January of 2,020, for sure. So it's going to be hard.Someday there'll be some brave Chinese person sneak out with the documents, with the paperwork, with the log book from the lab. Whatever it takes for us to know for myself have seen enough. I think the most likely case is it came from this laboratory. And then the Chinese Communist Party covered it up. They were conducting bioweapons research there that this is really dangerous stuff. As far as I know, that lab is still operating.

We should use every tool that we have available, and we have many. It started for us with getting out of the World Health Organization, an institution that utterly failed in the one job that it had, preventing a pandemic at the moment of crisis. At the crunch point they cited with Si Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party and not with the world and their mission statement. So leave the who leave the Chinese to their own in that regard and build out an institution that could actually prevent against a pandemic.
But we have lots of economic tools. The Chinese leadership trail love nothing better than to have their children study in our schools or their wives come shop here in the United States.
We have lots of ways to impose real costs on the Chinese Communist party.

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