The last two members of the infamous “Butt Squad” that made international headlines by posing naked on a Dubai balcony have reportedly been freed from the Arab sheikhdom – including one who had contracted COVID-19.

Ukrainian Vogue model Evgenia Taran, 21, and another model identified in reports as Anastasia Kashuba are back in Kyiv after being released from jail, East2West News reported.

Taran, who called herself a “survivor,” and Kashuba, who was detained until she recovered from the illness, were among about 20 models allegedly invited by Ukrainian-American Vitaliy Grechin, 41, to take part in the X-rated photoshoot, according to the outlet.

The alleged playboy organizer is still in Dubai, but it was unclear if he remains in detention, E2W reported.

Anastasia Kashuba is back in Kyiv after being released.instagram

Taran has admitted admitted her “mistakes.”

Vitaliy Grechin plays piano, surrounded by naked girls in the same location where was taken the naked photo in Dubai.east2west news

“I was in Dubai detention center — you probably know the story with the naked photos on the balcony — because you hear about it from every (outlet),” she told the outlet.

Evgenia Taran, who was reportedly released, seen posing inside a Dubai hotel.Evgenia Taran

“I made a lot of conclusions, realized my mistakes and to some extent (I am) grateful for what happened. I am in Kyiv again, I love everyone, I hug. Appreciate what you have,” Taran added.

Evgenia Taran admitted her made “mistakes” amid her arrest.Anton Korotchenko

The model described the “hell” while in custody.

Vitaly Grechin seen surrounded by the women in Dubai.Vitaliy Grechin

“The light was on 24/7 and there was endless knocking air conditioning,” she said. “The lack of toilet paper, spoons and human attitude from employees goes without saying.

Evgenia Taran plays piano and sings before the naked photoshoot.Instagram

“But the most terrible thing is ignorance, because your questions are not answered, and they allow you to contact the world according to their mood, and for money,” Taran said.

Anastasia Kashuba had COVID-19 while she was detained.instagram

“The only thing that saved me there were the books I somehow managed to beg for,” added Taran, who has been featured in Vogue Hong Kong and Zip Magazine Hong Kong.

Photographer Alexander Ten is wanted by the authorities in Dubai.Alexander Ten

Photographer Alexander Ten, who flew to Russia before Dubai authorities started rounding up the participants, is described as wanted by local law enforcement, the outlet reported.

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