A killer was filmed mocking British cops who were chasing him by waving at them as he rode a motorbike at up to 161 mph — moments before he crashed and died.

Alex Sartain, 34, led Hampshire police on the terrifying, 11-mile chase after shooting his neighbor to death in a deluded belief he was working with Russia to spread COVID-19, the Sun said.

At times he was seen waving at officers filming overhead in a helicopter, even using both hands.

“He’s waving at us!” an officer in the chopper was heard saying during the recording last August, as unarmed officers on the ground were warned to “seek cover.”

The footage released during a court hearing this week shows Sartain racing at speeds of up to 161 mph, with dashcam from one car he zipped past showing him disappearing in seconds.

He eventually lost control after clipping the side mirror of a car coming the opposite direction, crashing into a tree at 145 mph, the Sun said.

Some of the released footage shows heavily armed police — a rare sight in the UK — eventually arriving at the crash scene and racing out to find Sartain.

“His injuries were catastrophic and would have caused immediate death,” Hampshire coroner Jason Pegg told Monday’s hearing.

Sartain had previously been detained under the Mental Health Act — and that only exacerbated his problems, his father told a court hearing into his son’s killing, according to Hampshire Live.

“Alex had it in his head that he had been taken to this mental health place and tortured,” John Sartain said.

He then became convinced that neighbor James Nash, a 42-year-old author of kids books, was working with Russian President Vladimir Putin to spread the coronavirus, the court was told.

James Nash, the man Alex Sartain allegedly killed.Facebook

He ambushed him in his front garden in August, shooting him twice in the face with a double-barrelled shotgun — with the author’s wife racing out of the house to see Sartain stamping on her husband’s head, the court heard.

Sartain fled to his dad’s motorcycle repair workshop to get the bike he used to evade police.

Asked what he had been doing, he replied, “F—ing killing James,” the Sun reported of evidence heard in court.

A coroner yesterday ruled that Nash was unlawfully killed after dying from multiple blunt force injuries.

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