Dr. Fauci Urges U.S. to
‘Overcome’ COVID-19 Denial.
Dr. Anthony Fauci spoke about
COVID-19 at the ‘Wall Street Journal’
CEO Council summit on Dec. 8. .
During the summit, Dr. Fauci addressed the “substantial proportion” of people who think COVID-19 is a “hoax.” .
Trouble is, you go to different parts of
the country, and even when the outbreak
is clear and hospitals are on the verge of
being overrun, there are a substantial
proportion of the people who still think
that this is not real, that it’s fake news …, Anthony Fauci, via CNN.
He called it “extraordinarily frustrating” that people aren’t adhering to COVID-19 safety measures. .
Dr. Fauci went on to urge
people to “overcome” their
denial of COVID-19 and work
“as a nation” to slow the spread. .
We’ve got to overcome that and
pull together as a nation uniformly
with adhering to these public health
measures … we feel strongly
that we will be able to have
a significant impact. , Anthony Fauci, via CNN.
On Dec. 8, the United States surpassed
15 million total reported cases of COVID-19,
although experts believe the number of actual
COVID-19 infections is much higher.
That means that roughly one in 22 Americans
has tested positive for the virus.
Johns Hopkins University data reports that at least
286,189 Americans have died from COVID-19.

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