Maddie Wright, the English soccer star who got the boot from the Addicks team for posting scandalous videos of herself, responded by becoming an OnlyFans model and now has gone back to athletic training, The Sun reports.

Before she became an OnlyFans model, Maddie Wright, 22, was ejected from the soccer team when it came to light that she had posted videos on her Snapchat of herself imbibing champagne while driving and inhaling a balloon at a party.

Maddie Wright turned right around and became an OnlyFans model, charging $45 a month for access to her racy content.

But now she’s gearing up to get back in the football game.

Speaking on her Instagram story, she said: “Start training again tomorrow.

Sacked Charlton star Madelene Wright returns to football training after starting OnlyFans and jetting off to Dubai

“Nervous but excited to get the boots back on,” Maddie Wright, the soccer-player–turned-OnlyFans model said on Instagram.

The busty blonde is looking for a new soccer club to join, the Daily Star reports.

During the immediate aftermath of the videos surfacing, a Charlton spokesperson condemned Maddie Wright for the videos that got her axed from the team and sent her on a beeline toward becoming an OnlyFans model. 

“The club were made aware of the video and quickly investigated the incident,” the football club said in a statement.

She gave a hint to what her subscribers will be treated to with a number of skimpy bikini snaps on her Instagram.

OnlyFans star Maddie Wright ‘nervous but excited’ to start football training again

“As a club we are disappointed with the behaviour which doesn’t represent the standards the team upholds,” the club’s statement continued.

Fans of the athlete went totally bananas when they learned Maddie Wright had become an OnlyFans model.

One devotee had a humorous take on the kind of content she might produce.

“Signed up and she’s stood there doing kick ups,” the fan tweeted.

Wright posted a video to her social media profiles with the caption “check the bio…” in reference to her new account on the X-rated site.

Sacked women’s football star Madelene Wright sets up OnlyFans page

OnlyFans, which has surged in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic, offers models like Maddie Wright the opportunity to serve up racy or flat-out raunchy content to fans for a monthly subscription fee. 

Maddie Wright already has 140,000 Twitter fans, so she has a wellspring of interest to serve as a springboard for her life as an OnlyFans model.

Australian athletes Angelina Graovac and Renee Gracie have also recently joined the site.

Yahoo! Sports reports that when Wright was playing for Millwall Lionesses, she was put under investigation in 2019 after a video surfaced of her allowing her dog to steer her car while she was driving.

A former professional footballer who made headlines for her sensational sacking has turned to adult website OnlyFans after her playing career ended in December.

Sacked footballer’s X-rated move after drink-driving controversy

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