Love-sick British Romeo Dale McLaughlin has been released from jail in time for Christmas — but he won’t be able to spend the holiday with his sweetheart, according to a report.

“I’m overjoyed to be out,” he told the Daily Mail after being sprung about a week into a 28-day jail stint for breaking lockdown rules by riding a jet ski across the Irish Sea to see Jessica Radcliffe on the Isle of Man.

“I’m just on the ferry home and I’m so happy to be coming home and coming home for Christmas. But I can’t really say any more at the moment,” the 28-year-old roofer added en route to Scotland on Wednesday.

McLaughlin, who had been expected to serve half his sentence, then jumped into a friend’s silver Jaguar that took off at high speed after he arrived in Lancashire, according to the outlet.

His gal pal told the news outlet: “They let him out of prison first thing and he’s on his way home.”

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Radcliffe, 30, added that her feelings were “bittersweet” because the lovebirds have been denied a reunion by the same coronavirus restrictions that led to his jail sentence in the first place.

McLaughlin wasted no time in changing the profile of his Facebook page to a romantic photo of him with his love interest, a mother of two.

“I meant it when I said I’d marry him if he asked me. Anyone who is prepared to cross an ocean to see you has got to be serious,” she told the Daily Mail earlier.

“Mind you, I don’t think I’d be prepared to do the same for him!” she added, laughing.

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The couple had explored ways to allow them to get together after McLaughlin had done his time — and Radcliffe even contacted a lawyer to apply for permission for him to return to her home in Douglas for Christmas.

“We thought because he’d already isolated for the required time in prison that he’d be OK to come and be with us, but the authorities said he might be liable to being arrested again as he didn’t have a permit to be on the island,” she told the Daily Mail.

“I couldn’t face him spending Christmas in a police cell, so reluctantly we agreed the best thing would be for him to go home to Scotland for now, but we’re definitely going to get together again as soon as we legally can,” she continued.

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“We’ve discussed making a home on the Isle of Man. I’m not going to uproot my children and Dale’s children live in Scotland with their mother,” she added.

Despite not knowing how to swim, the “thick as a brick” Scotsman rode his new water scooter — his first jet ski ride — on a 25-mile madcap voyage that took four-and-a-half hours to see his new girlfriend.

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