Travelers returning from Thanksgiving are expected to hit the highways and airports to return home Sunday, as officials brace for a surged in coronavirus cases from what could be the busiest travel day since the start of the pandemic.

In 2019, the Sunday after Thanksgiving was the busiest day in TSA history, as a record 2.8 million travelers passed through airport checkpoints.

Thanksgiving travel is down by about two thirds so far this year according to TSA statistics, but the holiday has still seen pandemic-era highs.

On Sunday, Dr. Anthony Fauci warned of a surge superimposed into the existing second wave that has positive testing rates in New York City approaching four percent.

Nationally, new data from John Hopkins University shows the U.S. added four million new cases of the virus in November alone, with more than one thousand deaths per day in the nation since Nov. 11.

New York is requiring all travelers coming in to fill out contract tracing forms upon landing at your destination and where you plan to quarantine or face up to $10,000 in fines.

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