200 Million Deaths Due To Black Death: Is Novel Coronavirus Worse Than Black Death Or Spanish Flu
Today, we will look at the ten most nightmarish epidemics in history
And epidemics, and tell you about everyone ’s disastrous consequences.
Yellow fever – from 1694 to 1878
Japan smallpox epidemic – 735 – 737
Number 8
Hong Kong Influenza-1968-1970
Number 7
Number 6
Third Plague – The third plague in 1855 was a record-breaking
Many terrible categories.
Number 5
HIV / AIDS-1981
No 4
Justinian plague – 541 – 542
Number 3
Spanish flu – 1918
Number 2.
Smallpox – the last time we returned to smallpox in 1520,
The only virus recorded in history is an artificial virus
Genocide has occurred many times.
Before the smallpox is finally eliminated through treatment and vaccine development
It is one of the biggest threats to human life.
In Europe in the 1800s, it was believed that the virus killed nearly half a million people
Per year.
Number 1.
Buben plague, also known as the Black Death – 1347 – 1351
We have saved the worst.

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